Glam Glow®SuperMud® Review

Glam Glow® has been all over the internet for quite some time. Beauty Gurus across YouTube that i follow, constantly mention this super miracle face treatment and swear by it. I have been curious about this product for months. What always held me back was the price. Now usually, from my experience, i have noticed that the more high-end/expensive a product is, the better result. Quality over Quantity. So i figured i would give this pricey mud mask a shot!


I have been struggling with acne since the age of 12. I do go to a dermatologist and i am on prescribed antibiotics and a topical ointment. My review is based on my opinion and results that i have seen ASIDE from my normal prescribed products.  🙂


To start off, Glam Glow® has a variety of mud masks to choose from depending on your skin type and wanted benefit. There are six mud masks; SuperMud®, YouthMud®,GravityMud®, ThirstyMud®, FlashMud® and PowerMud®. From all six muds, you choose by benefit; clearing, youthful, firming, hydrating, brightening and detox (in the same order).

For me, i had acne prone skin. I struggle with cystic acne. So i wasn’t blessed with just the occasional blackhead, i get the ugly volcano looking monsters. So of course i went with SuperMud® which says to have Glycolic, Salicylic, Lactice, Mandelic, Pyretic and Tartaric. All used in some acne washes and medications to help fight acne.

It also says that this treatment has “naturally derived ingredients”; Eucalyptus Leaf, Licorice Root, Peppermint Plant, Chamomile, Marigold, Aloe, Ivy and Cucumber.

The bottle is a small 1.2 oz and that comes in pretty white packaging with silver accents.

Price for this product is $69.00, and can be bought at Sephora (in store and Online), Amazon (cheaper here) or the Glam Glow website.


I purchased my SuperMud® at Sephora at my local Mall. I paid $69 + tax and drove home a happy camper. You are suppose to apply a thin layer onto a cleansed face, so i went ahead and washed off all makeup really well with soap and warm water. The first time i applied this mask i felt nothing. Everyone always claimed that this ask had a stinging feeling to it, and i felt absolutely nothing! Instant disappointment!

You can use this product as a mask 1-3 times a week. Leave it on for 5-20 minutes, or as a spot treatment as needed.

The first week i used the mask twice. I applied a thin layer for 20 minutes and washed it off  with luke warm water both times.

I went ahead and did this process for three weeks.

After my first use the mask did sting (woohoo, to me that means its doing something) but nothing crazy. Very tolerable! When i washed it off i did feel like my pores has closed up quite a bit and my face felt really clean. I have oily skin, and after removing my mask my face felt a little dry.

As for my acne, i noticed it has gotten little better, i am not as red and some pimples cleared up within a few days. My acne had been flaring up quite a bit for a few months so this was good news for me!

I don’t think i would call this product a “miracle product.”It didn’t clear me up or make me shoot out sun rays and blind people from how much it made my face glow. NO.

BUT, i can say it has helped! I would recommend this product but i wouldn’t push it on anyone. Especially with the price. If you have $69 to spend and want to try this product out i would say go for it!

Hopefully this post has helped anyone who is struggling to decide on whether to get this product or not.

Have you tried any of the other masks? Let me know which ones and how they worked for you!!!

Have a great day loves!





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