Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip Review & Swatches

Colour Pop, you’ve done it once again. You’ve blown my mind without blowing up my wallet!

I recently purchased 6 Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip liquid lip sticks. I was hesitant at first because I had purchased a liquid lip stick from Anastasia Beverly Hills and was a bit disappointed. To start with that, the one from Anastasia Beverly Hills went on smooth but took forever to dry. It also caked very easy. Within an hour my lips were crusty! Even after doing a lip scrub prior to putting the lipstick on (My lips are smooth as a baby’s bottom, I swear.) Anastasia Beverly Hills products are no cheap! I’m sure y’all know that. And I really love their products but I just wasn’t feeling their liquid lipsticks (so much for my pins on Pintrest.)

I checked online and saw some beautiful colors on Colour Pop cosmetics. I honestly hate red lipstick on me, I feel like it doesn’t do me justice, and luckily I found a huge selection of shades of muave! SCORE.

The lipsticks are priced at $6. If you spend $30, shipping is free! Free shipping is free shipping! So of course I had to buy 6 of them to get my free shipping!


The liquid lipsticks from Colour Pop are amazing. They go on smooth and dry super fast. Which is a good thing and a bad thing, you need to be précis when putting it on. You need a steady hand and a mirror! But well worth it I promise. Honestly, the swatches on my hand didn’t come off till the next day (I used makeup remover and showered.) So these puppies STAIN. Again, good and bad thing. My lips stay vibrant all day! 

Only thing with this product is you shouldn’t reapply too often. It will get caky and crusty! NOT CUTE.

So head on over to Colour Pop and check out their liquid lip sticks! I also love love love their Lippie Sticks (check my older post). 
Sending good vibes! ✌🏼️



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