Too Faced Hangover RX Primer Quick Review

Howdy y’all!!! Hope everyone is doing fabulous as always!

Ok soooooo, I’ve heard about this primer in a ton of YouTube tutorials. So I definitely wanted to see what all the hype was about! 

This primer runs at about $32. I purchased mine at ULTA, but they also sell it at Sephora as well as online! I had tried the Poreless primer by Too Faced and loved it so I knew that this brand wouldn’t disappoint!

So for starters, the packaging is sooooo pretty! I know that doesn’t matter but I’m a sucker for pretty packaging! I’ll turn into a hand model within seconds.

The bottle has a pump (which I didn’t expect!). The formula is super light weight and creamy. It definitely does what it says it’s suppose to do, HYDRATE! It has coconut water, probiotic-bases ingredients and skin revivers. It is nourishing without the heaviness of a moisturizer! I personally use this as a moisturizer and primer all at once before putting my makeup. Some prefer to put a second primer over it because it feels so light. BUT I personally love how light it is, I don’t need my face feelin’ all heavy and what not! And the good thing is you don’t need a lot of product. One pump is enough!

Over all I give it a thumbs up, 4/4 golden stars and the Steph-stamp of approval! Well worth the money!

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