Summer Grunge Eye Look

When my makeup inspiration reaches a plateau, and I simply can not for the life of me think of anything new to do, I turn to music!!!

I literally sit myself at my vanity, turn on my Music on my iPhone, and just play with makeup. I got into this one song by The Hollow called She Ain’t You, (when I stop doing my makeup and just start jamming out) and I pictured what this chick looked like..

“She’s got your hair, she’s got your eyes, she’s got your 90’s sweatshirt style…”

And BAM!!!! It hit me…grunge…in the summer!

In the summer we usually go for light/bright colors for eye makeup. But sometimes we like to play up the sultry dark shades when ever possible. 

Because it’s summer and 103 degrees here in the wonderful state of Texas, I really wanted to stay away from black!!! 

I wanted some dark shades that would be good for a summer evening/night that isn’t too heavy, and still has a cool tone.


I turned to my Beauty Treats palette. This palette was $6 at a local beauty store. It is not high quality and does not have the best smell, but when you are broke like me, you gotta work with what you got! 

The secret to make any eyeshadow work: BLEND

Blend until your eyelids fall off! I swear it works!

I used the light orange in my crease and the dark green for my lid, and BLENDED!!!!! A blue lid color will also look super nice, but I chose to go with green.


Tight line your waterline (top and bottom) with a black eyeliner. (I used pencil.)



I used my Mary Lou Manizer to highlight the inner corners of my eye and brow bone.




I used my favorite mascara, Miss Manga Rock Mascara by L’Oreal in blackest black.


Use a light color for your lips to allow your eyes to stand out. I used the lipstick Mmm… By Sephora.


Hope your enjoying your summer! Let me know your thoughts in the comments and follow me on Instagram @Ohheytheresteph and give me a follow here! 




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