Full lashes in a snap!

Hey everyone!

I get a lot of questions on what products I use on my lashes and how I get them to look long and voluminous. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to get your lashes to look thicker and fuller! I have some simple tricks and good inexpensive products that will hopefully help any of you who want make your lashes look thicker and longer!


The most important thing is picking a good mascara! I have tried so many mascara a that do absolutely nothing for me! You need a mascara that does it all, thickens, and lengthens! 

I use L’oreal Miss Manga Mascara in Extra Black. I do not use any other color of mascara other than black, because it gives a better illusion of thicker lashes compared to a brown mascara or a colored one.

This mascara is my holy grail!!!! It makes my lashes look 10X thicker and longer than they are! 


Next, you need to tight-line your upper water line. Meaning you need to pencil in line into your upper water line. Tight lining your entire eye will makes eyes appear smaller, so I recommend only doing the top.  
I use the NYX Eye and Eyebrow Pencil in Black

My lashes are naturally curled so I do not use an eyelash curler but if you feel you need an extra OOMPH then curl away girl!!! Curling before and after mascara will give them extra curl that will last!
Now, I personally do not wear falsies on a day-to-day basis, only to special occasions like weddings. But everyone is different! If you like to rock false lashes, then I recommend Forever 21s Eyelashes! I LOVE Forever 21! They have everything!!! These lashes came in a pack of 3, ranging in thickness for only $5.80! Can’t beat that! 

Now I personally like a more natural look opposed to the extreme thick and crazy long lashes for everyday looks, so I’d go for the top or middle lashes, or something similar! If it’s too much for you, cut your lashes (half way) and glue on the outer corner piece to your eyes outer corner lash line to give a whispy look!  

And your look is done! Super simple! 

Hope this post helps and I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!




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