Favorite Blushes

Hey everyone!!! It’s been a while, how y’all been?!

Today I wanna show you all my favorite everyday blushes. 3 are from the drug store and 1 from Avon! All inexpensive and all work with mostly every look you put together! 

First one I wanna mention is the NYX Baked Blush+Illuminator+Bronzer in BBL 07 Spanish Rose.  


NYX has awesome baked blushes! Baked blushes have Illuminators and bronzer in the blush which save you time and product! It’s all in one! 

This color is a light pink that is perfect for a summer day glow! It isn’t strong and concentrated so it gives you a pretty flush. Perfect for looks that involve bold eyes or lips, it adds a pop of color without looking like a clown!

Next is the Milani Baked Blushes in 05 Luminoso (top) and 07 Fantastico Muave (bottom). 

  Milani blushes are AH-MA-ZING! Drug store product with a High end feel!!! So pigmented and looks so nice! The top color, Luminoso, is a really pretty peach color that brightens up your cheeks, without you looking like…well…a peach! And sense they are baked blushes, they give your cheeks are pretty glow. This color pairs beautifully with bright colored eyeshadows and peachy lips!

The next color, Fantastico Muave, is a beautiful color! It’s very buildable, and had a pretty Muave color that goes well with brown shadows and nude lips! It leaves your cheeks rosy and beautiful, I recommend this one for night looks.

Last but not least, Avons Smooth Minerals Blush in M302 Rose Radiance.

  This blush I use the most for everyday looks. It has a soft pink color that goes with any look I have on. Its a powder blush, and is about $6. 

Hope you all enjoyed this short post! Hope everyone has a great and safe weekend as well! 



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13 thoughts on “Favorite Blushes

  1. Hi! Thank u for the post. Actually I don’t like NYX blushes of this series. I don’t see this blushes on my face after 3 hours ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    And I’ve read so much about Milani. But I can’t buy it in my country. So I will be just jealous ๐Ÿ™‚

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