Mini e.l.f. Haul and Review

Hey hey hey!!! How ya doin’ lovely people?!

So the other day, I went to Target to check out some e.l.f. products. I honestly didn’t own really any products from e.l.f. prior to this visit! I’ve always walked right past their section, and I suppose it was because I thought “they are cheap in price, so the quality must be cheap as well,” well giiiirrrrrlllllllll, I was naïve! Just because a product is inexpensive, doesn’t mean it isn’t any good! Thank goodness I came to my senses! I’ve saved a good amount of money because of their low pricing!

The only products I owned prior to my purchase at Target was some eye brushes I bought for $1, and they are awesome!

So this e.l.f. Hydrating Face Primer caught my attention before anything else. The packaging said “new” so I had to pick one up! They had a variety of primers to choose from. 

The packaging states that this primer “fills in fine lines and moisturizers with vitamins A, C, & E.” It also states it is ideal for all skin types.  

 So as soon as I got home,I squirted the primer on to the back of my hand to get a feel for the product. It was a bit greasy, I did notice that the product does not say oil free. I wasn’t too happy about that, especially because I have acne. 

The directions say to use a “small amount” on the face and blend evenly to give your face a smooth finish. 

I went ahead and took a small amount and blended away. Put my makeup on as usual and went about my day.

I did notice I was a bit more oily than usual. I wasn’t crazy oily! But just a little shiny. I like the product, but I think it would work better for me during the winter when my skin is more dry compared to right now, were it is close to 100 degrees and very humid! I didn’t notice any change in my skins look, I didn’t see any fine lines disappear. Aside from the oily-need I didn’t notice much with hydration either.

I’m hoping to go purchase another primer from them in hopes I have a better outcome! Overall, ok, not the best. It was $6.


The next thing i got was the e.l.f. High Definition Powder. This product also said “new!” It is in the color “sheer” and says it “masks fine lines for a radiant complexion.” On the back of the packaging it also says that this product “creates a ‘soft focus’ effect to the skin.” It comes with a small puff to apply the powder although I use a face powder brush instead. I was happy to see that this product only has 3 ingredients! Though I don’t know how to pronounce some of them, 3 is better than 30 in my opinion (less chemicals). 

After applying my foundation and concealer, I went ahead and set my under eye concealer with this powder and really liked it!!! I think it gave that “soft focus” look it claims to give and looks pretty dang flawless!!! It was $6.




Next I purchased the e.l.f. Smudge Pot in Poppin’ Party. This is a “long-lasting eyeshadow and eyeliner.” It’s a very pretty deep purple and they have a few more colors to choose from. The pigment is really pretty when used as an eyeshadow!!! When I used it as an eyeliner, it was a little hard to see at first and I had to go over it a couple of times to really see the deep purple. Overall it’s a creamy, pigmented shadow and a nice eyeliner! It was $3.



Next, I got the e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator. It looks like a lipstick at first but don’t be fooled! I thought this thing was pretty neat, I had seen some reviews of it on YouTube and they were pretty good.  You basically wet your lips a little, massage the Exfoliator in circular motions and gently wipe away the excess with a wet cotton ball. 

I have pretty chapped lips, so I was looking for something to really make my lips smoother. I’m definitely keeping this thing handy. I really liked it, it got off most of the dead skin and it’s not messy!! It was $3.


Last but not least, is this Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose. I had seen this online and loved it and needed it. I really wanted all the lip colors but my target only had Tea Rose and a red color (I don’t like red lipstick on myself!) So sadly I only got this one. 

I really love this color. It seems to be more pigmented on my arm swatch then on my lips, but it’s a really lovely color! It is very matte and is only $3!

Totally gonna hit a different Target to see if they have more selection!

I really love e.l.f. Cosmetics, they are so inexpensive and the quality is actually pretty good! 

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Till next time! Have a great one!




18 thoughts on “Mini e.l.f. Haul and Review

  1. Oh, is makeup from E.L.F good?? I have been checking out their website many times but too.. scared to order if the makeup isn’t good you know! :O haha!

    My name is Emma (blog name: Indiana) and I’m a new blogger and my blog is about diys, hot topics, photography – life style and a lot more. Right now I’ve a post on my blog about “Makeup Shaming” and I was hoping that you could go to this link and read/watch the video and tell me your opinions about this “Makeup Shaming”. I apologize if you don’t like this type of comment but I would really love to read what you think about this.

    Once again, I’m sorry and I hope you have an amazing day!
    Indiana -/

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      1. It’s not expensive what so ever so if you don’t like the product you’d only have wasted $3-6! Compared to other brands were you spend triple the amount! I’d say try one thing at a time and ease into it 🙂

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