May Favorites

its already June?! The year is flying by! 

Hope everyone is doing great, as always! Hope your summer vacation is starting well, if you don’t have the summer off, I hope you get to take a trip to a beach getaway asap! 

So I’m gonna start with these awesome Crushed Coconut Body Scrubs from Bath and Body Works. Ugh they are amazing! I use this stuff everywhere! Literally. Head to toe! It smells so good and leaves you really soft! 

they are $14.50 each, but Bath and Body Works always has coupons, and sales going on! I got these with a Buy 3 Get 3 Free deal! So look online for coupons and sales!
Next, are my makeup favorites:


I’m really digging the new L’Oreal Miss Manga Voluminous Rock Mascara! The commercials kinda spiked my curiousity with the “spike” look that this mascara is claiming to give you, BUT it’s not as spikey as the models eyelashes in the commercials/ads (thank goodness!) it creates a more rocker-feel and gives you an edger look which I love! Lashes aren’t very clumped together at all, and it basically makes them look denser!

The Maybelline Master Conceal Camouflaging Concealer is awesome! It really conceals! It is very thick so I don’t wear it every single day, but if you are going out or have an event this stuff is great!

And of course the L.A. Girl Neons Pallete is on my list of favorites as well! The shadows are really awesome for drug store shadows! They are build able and very pigmented! For $7? I’ll take 3!

 Next is this planner I got at Target! I needed a planner to start writing down my blog ideas for the week (I told you I was gonna get it together!) and usually planners are pretty expensive! Previous planners I’ve purchased from Staples and Office Depot ran me about $20-30. This one was $10! Super cute and same quality! Target is heaven. 

Last but not least, can we talk about these shoes?!



I purchased these from my local sketchers store and they are A-MA-ZING. So comfortable and light weight! They have memory foam and are nice and bright just like I like my shoes to be! I don’t remember the price but I know they weren’t expensive at all! Between $15-30! 
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12 thoughts on “May Favorites

    1. They really are amazing!!! I stock up every time I go! And they really are comfortable! I was gonna purchase other ones and then I spotted those when I was gonna pay, ran to try them on and got them instead lol


      1. That’s the one thing I dislike about Nike. They come out with some cute stuff but I just can’t justify spending that much. Every now and then I’ll treat myself, but goodness, give us a good sale Nike!!

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