L.A. Girl Neon Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hey everyone!!! Hope y’all are doing super duper as always!

So has anyone heard of L.A. Girl Cosmetics? I barely came across them! The main thing I looked into was there liquid lipsticks! Totally wanna get some cause I’ve heard good things plus they are super inexpensive ($4!!!). I wanna order them but I don’t wanna spend a lot on shipping and I’m trying to save my money *sad violin playing* at least for now.

I always thought this brand was strictly online till I saw this pallets at my local grocery store! Sadly they only had this pallete and nothing else from L.A. Girl but I took advantage of the opportunity and bought it! ( it was $6.99, not too shabby!) 

I didn’t own any crazy bright colored palletes, I have nothing but neutrals, so I needed some fun colors!

    So the packaging is kinda cheap. It’s light and very…plasticy? 

It comes with a dual end eyeshadow brush, it’s not the best, it’s also kinda cheap but for $7 I wasn’t expecting a high end brush!

The pallete comes with 12 vibrant colors. Some matte and some shimmer.

I tried out a colorful Pinterest-inspired look with the pallete (let me know if I should do a tutorial!) and I was actually very pleased with the pigment. It’s very buildable! I didn’t have any fall out and it blended pretty well! 


I think it’s a pretty good pallete for the price. I was afraid the pigment wouldn’t be so good but at the end I really liked it. Of course it’s not a high end palette with crazy awesome vibrant colors that pop off your eyelid BUT it’s really nice for a drugstore product! 

I looked online, and I read that L.A. Girl cosmetics is sold at Walgreens and some grocery stores. I haven’t gone to Walgreens yet, but I’m on the hunt for those liquid lipsticks so if anyone knows of a physical store I can purchase them let me know!  

    Until next time my loves! 


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