Baking Your Face?! Try & Review

Have you ever heard of baking your face? No, not applying heat to your face! But a technique called Baking were you use an excessive amount of powder to mattify and set concealer! 

Well I had heard about it but never tried it. So today was the day…I gave it a shot! 

I looked up video tutorials on YouTube and took some pointers from the Beauty Gurus on the web.

I went ahead and applied my foundation like I normally do. (I used a mixture of my Kat Von D Tattoo foundation with my Maybelline Poreless Fit Me.)

Then I applied my Maybelline Master Concealer in the shade 30 Light/Medium below my eyes as well as my chin, forehead and the bridge of my nose.  

 I went ahead and spread it out in an upside down V shape in an outward motion using my index finger.  

 Then, I used my Real Techniques Beauty Sponge to push the concealer into the skin and even it out.


Next I used my Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana with my beauty sponge to set the concealer. You can use any setting powder you have! Take a large amount on your sponge by dipping it into the powder. Generously apply the powder over all the concealer you applied! Remember your gonna dust all this powder off in a bit so don’t freak out!  

   (Excuse my dirty sponge! I need to clean it!)

Next your gonna let your face BAKE for 10-15 minutes. So basically you leave the powder on for that long without messing with it or taking it off. I went ahead and continued with my eye makeup to pass the time!

After time has past, it’s time to dust everything off! Use a fluffy brush for this part. If your setting powder is a bit too light (like mine) use a face powder that matches your skin color to dust off the setting powder. And with light outward strokes, dust away that powder girl!!!  

I totally give this technique a thumbs up! I personally wouldn’t do this every single day, but if you are going out or have an event or your just gonna be out and about all day and wanna stay concealed and matte, I recommend doing this! It gives a flawless finish and helps to keep your under eyes concealed!!! 

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Happy Friday by the way!




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