How I Get Baby Soft Skin

Howdy Y’all!!!!! 

So I’m really big on keeping my skin soft! Like babies butt soft!….like softer than soft! And I wanted to share with you all how I get the job done head to toe, before, during and after a shower.

  Before I get into the shower I put on a face mask to deep clean my skin. I use the Clear skin Pore Penetrating Face Mask by Avon. I apply an even layer all over my face and and leave it on half way through a warm shower to let it work its magic. 
  During my shower I use a Sugarcane Body scrub by Bath & Body Works, this one is the scent Cool Amazon Rain. I use this from neck to toes!
 Once I finish up my shower I use a homemade lip scrub with simple ingredients such as coconut oil and sugar. I do sell a lip scrub on my site Honey Couture, where the lip scrub has more ingredients such as essential oils. (If you wanna check it out head to 

Scrub your lips gently for about 10 seconds and rinse with warm water.

 After scrubbing head to to (literally!) you need to moisturize! It’s important you do so that you don’t become dry or irritated. First I apply Chap Stick to my lips right after my exfoliating lip scrub. 

then I apply a moisturizing cream all over my body. I use the Cool Coconut Surf Body Lotion by Bath & Body Works. It smells sooooooo good!

  Lastly, I apply a moisturizing face cream with SPF. I love this face cream by Avon, the ANew Clinical Skinvincible Face Cream with SPF 50. As I mentioned in previous posts, I use this stuff daily!


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