Rose Gold Smokey Eye

hey guys!!!!!!! So I’ve been kinda wearing this look for a while now 😁 (I need to change it up soon) and I’ve been getting a lot of people asking what i use so i decided to go ahead and share with you all how I get this look! I’m apologizing ahead of time for the lack in quality in my photos 😞 I only have my phone as a camera. 

    I’ll be using these two palates. The first one is the Rose Gold palate from Ulta and the On The Dot eye color compact from Mark. By Avon! 


 I’m taking the color Breathless from the Rose Gold palate and putting this all over my crease with a blending brush from BH Cosmetics. 


I Then I’m taking the color Desert from the same palate and adding this to the outer corner of my crease. Adding a dark neutral to your crease gives your eyes more definition! It creates a shadow effect in which makes your eyes look more wide and it appears to have more depth πŸ‘πŸ½ 

  next I’m taking the light shimmery cream color located at the top right corner of the On The Dot palate and adding this to the center of the eye lid with a eyeshadow brush from Elf. 

next I’m adding liquid eyeliner to my top lid with the NYX Liquid Black Liner, and tight lining (putting it in the upper waterline) my upper waterline using this very used eyeliner pencil from Sephora (I need to get a new one asap).  

I’m then gonna apply my Miss Manga mascara from Loreal. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING, it’s my favorite mascara.


I also added the Breathless color that I used on my crease to my bottom lash line to complete the look!  

 And that’s how I create a Rose Gold smokey eye! 

I hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know what shadow palettes you use!

  Till next time!


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