Kat Von D’s Shade & Light Countor Palate REVIEW

Well hello there! So last Friday I went to Sephora with my friend Kytzia (hey girrrrllllll!) and I have into temptation and purchased the Kat Von D Countor palate that I’ve had my eye on forever! 

I wanted to do a review on it right away, but knew I needed to give a couple of test runs till i have it a serious full review for you all!

First things first, this sucker is almost $50. I’m a college girl who doesn’t have a lot of dinero so this was a splurge. When I splurge on a high end product I expect it to be amazing. Well it is! 

I was looking at the Anastasia Beverly Hills Palate and this one and couldn’t decide. Finally after some research on YouTube, I decided on the KVD palate. 

  The colored are beautiful. You will for sure match with at least one highlight and one countor color. If your an MUA or free lance MUA I think this palate would work well for you because of the variations in pigments. (This isu own opinion though! I’m not a makeup artist!)
The powders are very blendable and pigmented. Use a light hand to apply this stuff, a little goes a long way! 

   Today I used the colors Lyric and Lucid as a highlight under my eyes. I used lyric directly under my eyes and blended into the color Licid on my check bone. I set my liquid foundation with the color Levitation and OMG…it matched my skin perfectly! I wasn’t sure how it would look because I have a yellow undertone, and from the looks of the plate Levitation has a more orange tone to it. But AMAZING. It gave my skin a porcelain look and I am not using any other powder for my face again….EVER…. Well not anytime soon 😂. 

I contoured with the color Sombre. This color is amazing for countoring because it has a grey tone, which is something you wanna look for in a countor color to give you a natural shadow look, instead of a brown color that won’t look as natural.  


Overall this palate is super awesome. I just wanted to give a small over view, nothing tooooo lengthy, so I hope this helps! 

Wanna see a makeup pictorial? tags? Reviews? Give me some ideas on what to do next 😘 

Have a great week ya’ll!




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