Beauty Station Hacks!

hey hey hey! Hope you all are gaaaa-reat as always! So today I wanted to share some hacks I use for my makeup that will save you some mulaaaaaa/dinero/Benjamin’s/green/ MONEY! 

I’m a lady who likes to get straight to the point, so let’s just get right into the money saving tricks and tips!
I use my beauty blenders daily to apply my foundation! I hated sons talk getting up to go to the sink to wet it! I didn’t want to get a spray bottle cause I didn’t want to wet everything around me! I remembered this thing that nail salons use for nail polish remover. They simply put the cotton ball on top and gave it a few pumps and BAM. So i went to Sally’s and purchased this contraption. (Sorry, I have no idea what it’s called!) it was kinda pricey. ($16) but it has saved me lots of time!  



I wanted to show you all how I store my beauty blenders, makeup brushes and long lipsticks. 

  The red basket, i got a pack of 4 at the dollar store! Not bad! The striped bucket I got at target at the dollar section! (Best section ever at target!) 
These glass vases are also from the dollar store! You can decorate them with gems and a hot glue gun if you want something fancy!

  Next thing I wanna show you is how I store my powders. I use Ben Nyes Banana powder. This stuff is awesome but the packaging kinda sucks (Sorry Benny! Still love ya!).  Powder flies everywhere! So I got an old empty powder container, rinsed it out and use it for my powder!


So I don’t really have a lot of room for my pallets! I use these folder/magazine racks from target that I got for a $1 (dollar section!). They work super awesome and I keep them right next to my vanity!  

 Last but not least, my creation! I bought a glass candle stick holder and a glass plate at the dollar store (I only spent $2 on this) and glued them together with a hot glue gun to create this perfume holder! You can even use this as a cake stand! I would personally also do this if I was taking a cake or cupcakes somewhere so I wouldn’t worry if I left it behind when I leave! 
Hope this was helpful! Give it a like if you enjoyed! 

Have a beauty hack? Let me know in the comments!!!



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