ULTA, your’e driving me crazy! (Haul and Rant)

So i went to ULTA the other day to look around. Iv’e been on my spring break and had nothing to do so i thought to myself “steph, you havent visited your friend ULTA in a long time.Go visit and look around.” *WINK ( no one just looks around at ULTA )

The ULTA near my house…OMG…tragic! It never has anything in stock and its always a mess! I always head to the NYX section before anything else and everything is GONE. NOTHING LEFT. i always have to order online! UGH. Its some kinda conspiracy….Ginger from Kindergarten…the mean chick that picked on me…we will blame her!!!! lol


So i looked around and spotted a pallete named “Rose Gold.” Opened it up and AAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUHHHHH. The heavens sang. BEAUTIFUL. it was $20, but so worth it. Iv’e been using the pallete alot lately. Mostly for my everyday looks. The color “Breathless” is an awesome transition color for the crease of your eye! The pallete consists of 12 eyeshadows ranging in soft,glam pinks (matte and shimmery) to browns. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

Next a picked up the Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara by L’Oréal Paris in the Black Angel 386 Extra Black. guys…this stuff is the BOMB. I haven’t read anywhere that this mascara has any fibers in it but it sure seems like it. My lashes look twice as long with this mascara.

Next i looked around for some liquid eyeliner.

Now i have a conffesion…im HORRIBLE at putting on liquid eyeliner…actually any liner…so yea scratch that, IM HORRIBLE AT PUTTING ON EYELINER! GINGER ITS YOUR FAULT!!! lol just kidding!  it just isn’t in the cards for me, not meant to be. I do attempt but i usually tight-line my upper water line with liner instead. (meaning put pencil liner on my upper water line.) But i don’t want to give up! So of course i buy a different eyeliner in hopes things will change.

It didn’t.

I really don’t like the liner i bought (Maybellene Master Duo). The lip of the felt has a flat ball thing and it is suppose to give you two looks: you can get a thick line by using the flat side or rotate it and use the thin side to give yourself a thin line. YEEEEAAAA…. i had like a mix going on. yea just..no.

last but not least, i wanted to try that Kat Von D tattoo Foundation. Ulta doesn’t carry Kat Von D, so i had to head over to Sephora. NOW Sephora has their stuff togetha!!!!

I did a swatch on my neck and went with Medium 0714. It has awesome coverage BUT you have to be careful on the amount you put. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. It can get cakey so build on it slowly if you decide to try this stuff out!!!

So to sum things up, Ulta needs to get it together, Ginger from Kindergarten is to blame and eyeliner can go fall in a hole.

Until next time! Have a good week ya’ll!!!




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